“Learn,before you Trade.”


I’m a full-time Forex and Futures Trader and Trading Mentor.

I started my trading career 8-years ago as a trader at the back office of World and Wealth limited Forex Company In Dubai where I used to handle positions of the clients. Forex Trading is something I am really passionate about. Being at the back office of a brokerage firm I Mastered my trading skills. I experienced once you master the FX market, you are able to earn a living as a trader and be your own boss.For me Forex means freedom, you can do whatever you like, travel and trade from anywhere in the world.

I love to trade Gold, I find Gold attractive and volatile than others. That being said, I trade all forex pairs and futures if i see opportunity and it meets my trading plan from exotic pairs to minor pairs.Whether  if you are trading with $3k or $3M, the strategies we implement are easily scaled up or down to any type of trader in any market.

– Ali Hassan