The Advanced Course is designed to teach you our trading strategies and provide an environment to accelerate the learning process  by looking over the shoulder of an experienced trader. Our trading strategy incorporates the knowledge of market psychology, with reliable trading opportunties, trade managment, entry and exit points, proper risk management. Our advanced members receives a professional-grade trading education, but most importantly, they learn the skills they require to find reliable trading opportunity 

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Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Video Modules: Swing Trading, Scalping & Day Trading
Technical Analysis Fundamentals
Risk Management
Moving Averages & Templates
Email Support
Unlimited Access to all updates
Trader Psychology
Broker and Trade Account Assessment 
Volatility & Risk Management 
Economic News Strategy
Trading Plan
Reversal patterns
Weekly Checkups on trader’s Process
4 weeks 1 on 1 private mentoring
12 weeks small group sessions
Personal Trading Plan Creation 
Entry and Exit 
Trade Management
Trading Rules
Range Day Strategy
Measured Moves Excel Sheet
Market Psychology
Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Proven Trading Strategy with high win percentage
Market and Trader Psychology
Personal Trading Plan Creation
Trade Setups
Mindset Sessions