8 ways how not to blow your account and become a Professional trader

Trading Edge

An edge is an advantage that a trader has over his competitors, allowing him to generate and retain profits from other traders . There can be many types of  trading edges through risk management, psychological management, and through better trading methods.

Top 8 ways to trade with an advantage

  1.  Trade only the best set ups, trends, and stocks. Waiting for the right time to take the take that meets his trading plan.
  2. By using correct position size that alone  can put you in the top 10% of traders simply by not blowing out your account and staying in the game by maximizing winners and minimizing losers.Here is the link that we recommend
  3. Not to risk more than 1% of you capital gives the opportunity to have bigger winners than losers in the long run which is needed to be profitable. Risking $1 to gain $3 is an edge over those that risk $3 to make $1.
  4. Always trade in the direction of the trend.
  5. Don’t do betting just follow your trading plan that  gives you an edge over those that trade based on fear and greed.
  6. Speaking of trading plans, also those that actually have a plan on how to trade and what to trade they have an advantage over those that trade based on just opinions.
  7. Knowing who you are as a trader and picking your defined method gives you an advantage over those that float from method to method throwing away money in losses.
  8. A trader that trades a robust system that fits his/her personality has a huge advantage over those that can not handle the stress and strain of a system.

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